The Move To Fire story

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A decade after seven-year-old Brandon Maxfield was paralyzed by a defective gun, he and his attorney accomplished what the government, firearms industry, and gun safety groups failed to do — hold the defective gun’s manufacturer accountable for creating millions of low quality, dangerous guns so connected to tragedy that they were known as junk guns, crime guns, and Saturday Night Specials.

When the gunmaker filed bankruptcy to avoid paying his half of a $50,000,000 product liability award to Brandon, then schemed to resurrect the company, the teen launched a campaign to acquire the company himself and stop it from producing thousands more defective guns.

Brandon’s and attorney Richard Ruggieri’s efforts attracted national support, and derision, as their story became international news.

Michael W. Harkins’ compelling narrative is an illuminating account of the people and events that captivated the world’s leading media outlets in nine countries, and also reveals why millions of defectively designed guns like the one that almost killed Brandon Maxfield are still on the streets.

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